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A car for most people is the 2nd largest investment next to their home. Owning a car is expensive enough between the cost of purchasing a vehicle, taxes and licensing, and regularly scheduled maintenance.  Now, factor in the cost of repairs. While regular upkeep is important to help maintain things like the motor and transmission, the majority of components cannot be maintained. 80% of newer vehicles are computers and electronics. While you would think newer technology would equal better reliability, this is simply not the case. With all these high tech electronics we not only have to worry about the mileage we put on a car, we also must worry about the age of our vehicle. This is the very reason that the factory warranty is years or miles, whichever comes first. That’s where Oasis Home & Auto Protection comes in. 

Oasis Vehicle Service Plans:

-Can be paid in monthly payments often lower than 1 hour of labor.

-Offer a higher limit of liability than most other extended car warranties.

-Are transferrable to a new owner, or your next car.

– Let you select the facility you use for repairs.

-Never increase in cost, even with labor rate increases or filing claims!

Coverage plans


New Car

Also called “exclusionary” coverage, as the policy simply lists a select few things not covered. Exclusions are select wear and tear items, maintenance, and cosmetics. This is the highest level of coverage available outside of factory warranty, and is often referred to as “bumper to bumper”.


Used Car

An extremely comprehensive level of coverage, and the most popular choice. This covers all major parts on all major systems including the motor, transmission, suspension, steering, a/c, and the electrical system all the way down to small things such as power windows and mirrors.


Powertrain Enhanced

The best choice for older and higher mileage vehicles. Designed to cover the things most likely to have issues at higher mileage such as your motor, transmission, alternator, starter, and water pump. It does cover the major components of your a/c, heating, and fuel systems as well.


See the latest JD Power Dependability study ( Even the car manufacturer ranked most reliable saw 145 problems, out of 100 vehicles in the course of a year. This is due to the increase of electronics and computers in vehicles. Repairs are becoming more expensive too, with technicians not mechanics working on cars now. This is exactly why buying an extended car warranty, or service contract has become such a popular choice.

Yes! We have coverage plans that cover cars regardless of how old, or how many miles are on them. Sometimes, with no inspection required.

The term “extended warranty” in the automotive industry, simply means the coverage is coming directly from the manufacturer. Most car companies do not offer a warranty outside of the factory warranty that comes with the car. A vehicle service contract works just the same as an extended warranty in paying claims, but with freedom of letting you choose where you take your car for repair.

With our policies, you’re free to select any dealership or ASE certified mechanic of your choice.

It can be difficult trying to select from all the companies out there offering coverage. It is important that you do your research, especially on some of the companies that you see advertised heavily. Often times these companies are very poorly rated by the Better Business Bureau, and have a lot of complaints. Some companies put all their money into advertising. We would rather put our money into paying claims. A happy customer is the BEST advertising.

All Oasis policies are transferrable to a new owner, or to your next vehicle. Its your choice!